Someone is nervous…

Okay, I know this is just a small time thing, and there may not be many of us locally, but the upcoming Tax Day Tea Party on April 15th in West Palm means something to some of us. So when so low rent, suck headed little pimple of a person hacks the website, well now I am getting upset. All you little Socialist/Anarchists wannabes out there, go back to mommies garage, reflect on you status as a loser, and leave this whole tax protest alone.  To those of us that ACTUALLY PAY THEM, well, you are welcome to join us as we let Chairman Barry and his merry band of thieves know we are watching, and we do not like what we see. For those on Facebook, I will include the link to the groups page. Hope to see you there.

Oh, and little wannabes, I repeat, stay home. I cannot speak for others, but this old tanker is in no mood for empty head libs screaming we are racist just because we dare disagree with the Obamassiah. Go to Starbucks or wherever it is you hang out and consider what a worthless drain on the world you really are.

WPB tea party

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