Line forming at the presidential “Test” lane

Reuters AlertNet – Pirates seize Italian-flagged tugboat, 16 crew.

Well, so maybe now the boy wonder will finally get involved? What is the magic number of hostages that have to be taken before the president even admits it is happening?

Our fearless leader seems reluctant to  deal with this situation, I assume this action is to less the risk of “Carterizing” himself. Well, damn, Barry, time to get some “skin in the game” donchathink?

As long as this administration thinks pretending that something is not happening will make it go away, that ignorance is true bliss, and that doing the polar opposite of what the prior administration did in situations is the way to go, I see many more tests. This will get worse before it gets better.

My advice? grow some Barry, or borrow Hillary’s. same difference.

Ace of Spades and Hot Air with some thoughts on the matter.

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