Staged Videos running on NBC as real.

Vocal Minority: It’s Staged. NBC News Washington’s Tea Party Video On-Line Is a FAKE.

From the site Vocal Minority.

Why am I not surprised? These were shot by statists across the street from the White House. Notice the ridiculous chants, as pointed out by Eric.

Look libs, you have had your protests for years, on every conceivable topic, and it has been tolerated, as one would tolerate a petulant child. But when the adults, that by and large pay for this government, decide to do a legitimate redress of grievances, you have to try and spoil it.

Much like the above mentioned spoiled child, we have indulged your whims, and allowed your tantrums. But stop butting in to the adult conversation. This is for the good of the nation, and when you “grow up” and realize that we are attempting to avoid national destruction for everyone, you may even thank us.

Now, all you spoiled little statists, I have an assignment for you. Now now, stop your whining, you may learn something. Put down the Playstation controller, and pick up 2 books (yes, I mean that thing made of paper) read them, absorb what you just read, then ask your self where do you stand on these issues, and why.


Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin

When you are done with that, let me know, and we will move on to such crazy topics as the Founding and how we are sliding into a soft tyranny. But get something from these first books and we will talk. Okay?

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5 Comments on “Staged Videos running on NBC as real.”

  1. The Center Square Says:

    Fake? It just was organized by different people to make a different point. But still very real. It’s America, baby! Nobody gets to hog the microphone!

  2. […] Original post by cdat88 […]

  3. cdat88 Says:

    No, it was an attempt to deceive people into thinking this was a legitimate Tea Party protest. This was not a difference of opinion, and far from real.

    As to hogging the microphone, that is all we have heard for the past 8 years. The down with Bush, listen to me rants. Now, when someone else tries to speak, the kids try and jump in to the middle of the conversation. The government has been, and seems to be continuing, to spend us into oblivion. And the trend is accelerating. We have to bring this to a halt.

  4. The Center Square Says:

    I am not sure what your basic point is. That people who disagree with the ideology of those doing these tea parties should be quiet?

    But as to the one video, I agree with you there. Yes, deception is a better word. Or just plain bad reporting. I was just saying, it wasn’t fake. Those were real people doing a real rally — albeit deceptively.

  5. cdat88 Says:

    Okay, I will go with that. Yes they were real people. I do not think that those who disagree with the tea party should be quiet. Our rights apply to all citizens. I do think the folks in this video meant for this to be a deception. Rather than counter protest (for what, raising the taxes? That would be taken well) they instead deceive and mock, and NBC goes right along with it. Still wondering if they have got the “joke” yet.

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