My daily rant

Do what all people have to do when debt climbs. Tighten your belt, eliminate the frivolous spending. Get back to the basics of what Congress, by the original charter of this country, is allowed to tax for. Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution.

We as private citizens do not have the luxury of asking for and receiving more money from our jobs whenever our debt exceeds our income, neither should Congress. Eliminate all of their perks, and have them live by the rules.

Care and assistance is nice, but not on the backs of taxpayers. The general welfare clause does not mean universal health care, food stamps, welfare and programs that encourage a portion of our populace to do nothing at the expense of those that work for their bread. ATV trails, government funded land that does nothing but sit and waste money. The government used to provide additional funding through the sale of land.

On the topic of Congressional pet projects-if your pay is cut, you do not go out and buy a new car and 60″ TV! But this is just what both parties in Congress have been doing. Their waste and excess is to be covered by the taxpayers. It has to stop!

The minority percentage of taxpayers cannot fund all the excess. If you want to see action, stop tax refunds. That’s right. What you pay, you pay. Then watch interest in runaway government spending take hold. When a large percentage of this country stops getting a free ride on taxes, they will be as loud as those of us who have been yelling for years.


This rant is part of an ongoing discussion I have been having over at the blog The Center Square. Check it out.

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