No talent…

CNN’s Begala: Tea Party Goers ‘Wimpy, Whiney, Weasels Who Don’t Love Their Country’ |

Ass clown.



Bite me Begala.

You and I need a little wall-to-wall counseling I see. You get first shot.

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4 Comments on “No talent…”

  1. The Center Square Says:

    Easy shot, that one *lol*. But, it would be more constructive if you addressed Begala’s actual point — that government spending is heavily geared to defense, Medicare and Social Security. He asks which of those programs should be cut.

    I wrote a post about this very issue (here:

    When all the waste is eliminated from federal spending, and deficits are still $500 billion/year plus, what then? Are you ready for the hard cuts? Which ones? Which programs? How much?

  2. cdat88 Says:

    Well, to tell the truth, I was not trying to be constructive. But, if you want to be brutally honest, the first to be cut should be Medicare and Social Security. IF government wanted to do this correctly.

    You might want to check your link, I get “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” When I click it.

  3. The Center Square Says:

    Now, that is constructive. Bravo.

    Here is an analogy. Obama went to the White House sincerely determined to “change the way things are done in Washington.” Look at how little time it took for an utterly broken Congress to blunt that intention. The analogy is that now the tea party movement must now go through a similar transformation from raw emotion to effective tactics (or not, and remain no more than anger with no constructive impact).

    At this point, the whole tea party thing has a raw emotional edge, which is not a bad thing, nor is it atypical for a nascent movement. It will be fascinating when those carrying those sentiments come to realize that solving the problem means deep cuts in federal services; that it means more taxes, not less; and that it means forging a broad coalition at the center of the political spectrum.

    Corrected link, I hope:

  4. cdat88 Says:

    Another radical concept…No Tax Refunds. For anyone! How much further would the money go if the government kept it all? It also would have the effect of having everyone pay attention tho their taxes. IF you get back more than you pay in (not an uncommon situation) you could care less. IF you get nothing back, you will watch that money like a hawk.

    Repeated at The Center Square.

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