My take…

On the release of the interrogation memos and photos….

Barry, get your head out of your rear.

Number one, plastic wrap over your face and having water dumped on you IS NOT TORTURE! Being put in a box with a bug IS NOT TORTURE! Listening to Britney Spears IS NOT…okay, maybe.

Two. Call me brutal, but if is going to save innocent lives, I do not care if they work the bastard over with a blowtorch and a pair of pliers!

Three, What is the point of releasing the photos and memos? Do you need to pander to your base so bad that you will stab our special ops and CIA in the back?

Look Barry, I will keep this simple, as I know you have no frame of reference. We are at war. Sometimes things are done in war. Any soldier that has been in combat has done things that would horrify the average citizen. They are not proud of it, but it is done.

Barry, you are officially in the Order of the Blue Falcon. You disgust me sir. Your Chicago street thug attitude , and desire to punish any who opposed you reduces the high office you hold. You claimed to be above partisan politics. This crap is like some scum sucking gang retribution, on a national level. You may have won, but it proves to be a hollow victory.

You go after those who have laid it on the line in ways you cannot imagine. Your desire to be the uber-liberal has now brought not only shame on our nation, but has placed in danger the operatives that should be protected. Have you no diginity? I would normally not question the honor of a sitting president, but you have now show you are bereft of that most precious asset.

Redeem yourself, by stopping this travesty, and, in public, acknowledging the contributions that those in this hidden community have made. In this small way, perhaps you can salvage some shred of your dignity.

A brief synopsis of this train wreck.

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2 Comments on “My take…”

  1. Reason Says:

    Does it matter if you call it torture or not?
    The point is to make someone so miserable that they’ll talk- & what they say may not necessarily be the truth because they’re desperate- & what if they get the wrong person to begin with?

    Honor? If the things in those memos are so honorable, you wouldn’t be so mad about their release, now would you?

  2. cdat88 Says:

    Yes it does. I have been made miserable by the US government. Should I whine about it being torture? As to the targets giving the wrong info, the statements they give are cross checked against other sources. If they person being interrogated is taken on a foreign battlefield, I would say they were not the wrong person, wouldn’t you?

    Do not twist my words. I never claimed the actions outlined in the memos were honorable. They were, however, necessary. The presidents actions on this issue break the trust that those in the intel community count on. The breaking of that trust, is dishonorable. Read my entire entry. Do not cherry pick phrases in an attempt to reinforce your own statements.
    If you know what the Order of the Blue Falcon was, you would not have to ask any further questions.

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