This can’t go wrong…right?

North Korea now ‘fully fledged nuclear power’ – Telegraph.

Well, can’t blame this on Bush. This little nightmare is all yours Barry.

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2 Comments on “This can’t go wrong…right?”

  1. Reason-again Says:

    So, what’s your point? That you hope America will get nuked during Obama’s presidency so you can say ‘I told you so?’

  2. cdat88 Says:

    No. Nothing I said could lead you to say that, other than I dared insult the Obamassiah, and you have some derangement problems. Only an idiot would think anyone would wish for a nuclear weapons detonation so the could say an inane phrase.

    My point, simply put, is that everything that has happened on Barry’s watch has somehow been linked to Bush. This one is all his.

    Don’t be an idiot.

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