General Petraeus Wants to Release All Photos Showing Detainee Treatment

Fox News

Sorry General, I admire you. and I think I see your point on this (show we have nothing to hide) but after seeing how the radical Muslim world blows everything out of proportion (the BS story of the Koran flushing comes to mind) I think you are off base here.

I have to agree with Fox News contributor Lt. General  Thomas McInerney, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) that no matter what these photos contain, they will be used as propaganda. To both recruit into radical Islam, as well as a tool to weaken support for the US in the Middle East.

With violence ramping up again in Iraq (due to the announced withdraw timetable, in my opinion) this is fuel on the fire for the enemies of our forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. The fight to keep these photos under wraps should have gone all the way to the Supreme Court. The administrations cave to the ACLU has me worried about the priorities of the powers that be.

These photos will cost American and allied lives. It will reveal individuals who participated in interrogations, and will not only endanger their lives, but family and friends. The blow to our standings in the region will be costly as well. We can ill afford this right now. I find this yet another in a long line of irresponsible actions by an administration more interested in pandering to the extreme left of this nation, as well as harming those it feels were against it. In other words, the Obama administration has yet to get out of campaign mode, and into the business of running the nation.

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