Just like the Tea Parties, right?

Washington Post

Compare the Washington Post story about 15 idiots protesting the IMF-World Bank to the “tea-bagging rednecks”  (as Janeane Garafalo referred to them) who had over 500,000 people across the nation.

Smashing windows, spilling paint, kicking cops. Heck, at the rally I attended, they were giving the cops sodas and rigging up shelter for them when it rained!

Aside from snark and insults, no Tea Party I am aware of received more than a paragraph of coverage.

I especially like the statements that “Housing is a right!” Missed that one in the Constitution, I guess.

“Destroy capitalism!” That sums up the whole thing, right? I really have neither the time not the inclination to explain the basics of finance.

“Banks should be abolished, and we believe in the destruction of capitalism and all organizations that support it,” said the student, adding that he would not give his name because he feared government retaliation. “Housing is a right, and the banks are taking that away through foreclosure, so we do support any action against banks.”

The holes in this asinine statement are big enough to drive a tank through. Wanna bet he lived his whole life in a house mommy and daddy scrimped and saved for? Making the payments month after month? Not to mention the financing required for little precious here to be a student?  Only those that have no obligations in life can be this ignorant. Someone else takes on their burdens to allow this supreme stupidity.

Maybe a few days in jail will change this kind of thinking, though I doubt it. They probably wear jail time as a badge of honor.

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