Sure it sounds good but…

Obama’s 4 Steps to a Leaner Government | 44 |

Considering the same government is currently spending money as fast as it can be collected or printed, I have  my doubts the president really means this. With a projected budget of 1.8 trillion, most of which is bailouts. PAYGO is not going to touch that.

I have a novel idea, one that works for many American households. Stop throwing money down a bottomless pit. When funds are tight, hold on to your money. When you lose your job, you do not stop on the way home to buy a new car and 60″ plasma.


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2 Comments on “Sure it sounds good but…”

  1. Dr. Dave Says:

    I’m hoping the sheeple are smart enough to consider doing this. I know I am.

    Thanks for your comments over at Stacy’s place. While I enjoy getting a rise out of the left, I really tire bantering back and forth with them, as I truly do believe they are lost souls who will never learn.

    Dr. Dave

  2. cdat88 Says:

    No problem. Least I could do. I agree they are lost souls, but I do think some may come around. Sometimes it takes a serious shock. (9/11 comes to mind for some)

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