Marines new amphib under the knife.

Top U.S. Marine defends $13 billion amphibious tank | Politics | Reuters.

Hey Mr. Gates, leave something in the pipeline in case we have to fight a high intensity war, that might require, oh I don’t know, beach landings.

The SecDef is already playing around with the Army FCS. While I understand the need to learn from current fighting, the possibly of having near total battlefield awareness is vital.

Of equal, if not greater importance, is having the heavy hardware integrated into the system as well.  Not all future wars will be of the guerrilla style, after all. Upgraded vehicles, Unmanned Aerial assets and NLOS  mortar and cannon can bring heavy fire quickly on a target.In some cases, without the risk of harm to friendly forces.

All the recon in the world will not help in you cannot bring the hurt down on the bad guys at the target. It is called a system, after all. Missing pieces can bring the whole thing to a grinding halt.

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