My take…

Well, the photos that the ACLU and the moonbats are on the way.  I hope commands worldwide are hunkering dow for this, it may get ugly.

Apparently, the administration has not studies the broad reaching (2nd, 3rd, etc. level) effects this can have. From inflaming the already touchy jihadis, to providing recruitment material, to breaking down fragile trusts still in the building process in the Middle East.

I ask you Mr. President, is your debt to the ACLU, the extreme left and the like so large you will put at risk the very people your swore an oath to protect? Lest you forget, you are the CinC. Part of being a good leader means making the tough decisions you know have to be made, to complete the mission at hand. This will cause chaos, and the blood of those killed will be on your hands. You can bring this to a screeching halt.

Abu Ghuraib was wrong. There is no disputing that it was an out of control mess. Head should and did roll. Let it end.  Seal the photos, take the hit from the extreme left, and keep in mind you are being a good commander. The situation has been fixed, and it is time to drive on.

Are you prepared, Mr. President, for what is coming? This could ignite a firestorm, and all for the sake of pandering to extremists. I hop I am wrong, and this will not blow up in this nations face. Do not gamble with our soldiers lives for the sake of political points.

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