A lady you should get to know…

Allow me to introduce some of you to FL state representative Jennifer Carroll. A fiscal conservative, NRA member, Navy maverick who also has run her own business and raised a family. And hopefully the next Lt. Governor of the great state of Florida! Heck, Mrs. Carroll, would you mind if we make you president soon? Say, 2012-ish ?You certainly have the experience and skills boy Barry is lacking! I can finally get interested in the FL governors race. I know, I know, she is up for Lt. Gov. but it still gets me hoping we can pull this state out of the hole it is sliding into after we elected old Chucky Crist.

They seem like a good team, and I hope they give us the leadership we need in the dark days ahead. We are going to need it to pull through  the increased mess brought  to us by the letters Barry, Nan and Harry. I have faith it is not too late for the nation.

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