Well, seems like boy Barry and his decorating squad blew it.

Now, we all misquote, misspeak (even a guy who relies on TOTUS to get it right) but when you plan on immortalizing words in that oh so finicky of mediums (a rug) you might want to get it right. Seems a quote attributed to Dr. King, and woven for all time in deep pile, is incorrect.

The quote, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice” shares the august company of quotes from Theodore Roosevelt, Lincoln, FDR and JFK. While it is a good quote, it was actually first spoken by Theodore Parker. Now again, we all make mistakes, but most of us do not immortalize them in 90% wool for all posterity to walk on.

Oh well, probably best if they just attribute all the quotes in the rug to Dear Leader when it is redone. Makes it easier that way. Then all that will have to be done is incorporating these small changes in the public school system.

By the way, in case the powers that be lack ideas for those changes needed in the Oval Office, Al S. at I Hope Barack Fails has a few ideas how to truly bring this presidential office in line with it’s current (one term) inhabitant. Heck, if boy Barry did this, I might even chip in  $20. Whatever it takes to change the Change in 2012.

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