Not much to say…

I just have a few questions that keeps popping into my head every time I read a story about protests against those that are against the slap in the face that is the ground zero mosque, and against the church that is going to burn the Koran.  For the mosque, how is it there are those, especially in New York, who can think this is a good idea? Did we fly a Rising Sun flag over the site of the sinking of the Arizona 9 years later? This is an attempt to show conquest on the sacred site of an enemy, plain and simple. And it is hardly the first time the followers of Islam have done this.

Where are the so called moderate followers of Islam in all this? The ones the media keep telling us exist? Seems like every time anything happens, it is the “fringe elements” doing it. So supposedly 10% of all of Islam is responsible for all our problems? And the other 90% can do nothing about it? Or is it they do not want to do anything about it? They are actually, quietly supporting the actions of there most vocal parts? They think that support of this level of extremism will lead to the Muslim Utopia so desperately desired.

As for the church burning the Koran, well, I think it is a suckhead move on their part, but as the old saying goes, I may not agree with you, but I will fight for your right to do it. It is freedom of speech, plain and simple. All the screaming about hate speech, rabble rousing, and threats to the troops aside, it is his right to do this. We cannot pick and choose what and when we clamp down on these rights. And as I see it, I have had to watch too many years of flag burnings to come down on this guy. Bad enough when it comes from enemies of this country. Worse when it comes from our own citizens. Deal with it libs. The bitching and whining you have done all these years about freedom of speech for every flag burning, foul mouthed tirade, and offensive piece of “art” you expect taxes to pay for. Now it comes full circle. This man wants to burn books, so be it. My military service was all about making sure he has that right. And there is nothing CNN, Chairman Bowbama or even Sarah Palin can do about it. Welcome to democracy folks.

Pamela Geller at Atlas Shugs has done an outstanding job at putting this together. She has been at the forefront of this fight from the beginning. Both the Ground Zero mosque, as well as the memorial for the heroes of Flight 93.

Flight 93 “crescent of embrace”  here.

Ground Zero mosque here. Be sure to look around her site. She is a wealth of good info about the fight to preserve ground sacred to many of us.

A video showing what I have been talking about. Muslims like to mark “conquests”

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