And just a few years ago, I would have laughed at this…

Cleveland. Ve vill know if hauf recycled!

As a former resident of the Cleveland area (yes, I know, and thank you for your kind words concerning my escape) This does not surprise me. Like other big cities in the Midwest (Chicago comes to mind) Cleveland is a liberal group-think bastion in a sea of solid Midwestern values. What’s next, Michelle Maobama and the food police going through my garbage, finding out I had that pint of Ben and Jerry’s  Peanut Butter Cup ice cream (politics aside, it is the pinnacle of ice cream development) and fining me under the newly established anti-fat bastard laws? Forcing the new Scanatron insta-analysis toilet with high speed data transmission for a more, uh, in-depth breakdown of my dining habits? (All provided by the government of course, courtesy of the round 17 of the ever expanding Maobama stimulus plan) Forced education camp where we chant to the ever expanding (in more ways than one) image of ALGORE? I pay for garbage pickup as it is, now people want to track and re-educate me if I choose to throw away paper and plastic together?

Well Barry and company, you can keep your trash/green police. (Must be what he has planned for all those jobs he keeps promising.)  2012 can not get here fast enough. And if any folks from behind the wire in Cleveland are reading this on those hidden computers they have (you know, the ones without the Conserv-O-buster filters installed), just remember, The chair is against the wall. John, has a long mustache…. we will try and free you soon, brothers! We have a plan!

Solidarity Brother!

Hat tip to my own Household 6 for finding this.

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