All hail the Prince of Crazytown!

Governor Ted Strickland of Ohio is now classified as  a full blown, unhinged loon. According to him, the Tea Party wants to repeal the 14th Amendment. (Citizenship, Due Process, Equal Protection) Now if Gov. Looneytunes would bother to do 30 seconds research, he would find that the most folks that concern themselves with is the amending the anchor baby issue. Nobody wants to take away anyone’s current citizenship, remove equal protection for any group, or change one iota of due process under the law. If you want to take on your opposition in the open, at least bother to find out what they believe. Strawman arguments are too easy to knock down, which is why only a fool uses them. Especially in current times, when every word you speak may end up on the computer screens of the entire world. Two videos showing first Gov. Screwball (D-OH) in a red meat rant to what I assume is a union crowd, and then his poor attempt to tap dance his way out of his unhinged rhetoric.

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