Good thing they did not turn out to be Black Panthers….

…or there would be problems from Chairman Maobama and AG  Eric “Coward” Holder.

Seems despite much of the medias opinion,  the folks in Afghanistan are doing good. There will be fair (as much as possible) open voting. Despite the fact many there dislike the US, they will at least have the right to freely elect their own government. They must be given the chance to succeed or fail on their own. No Taliban thugs. No petty warlords. I am still of the opinion that once many of the people there are given a taste of democracy, they will enjoy it. And hunger for more. If we owe anything to those brave individuals so long ago that gave the US it’s chance at free election and self governance, it is the effort to give that opportunity to all people whom yearn for freedom.  If they want to bring in the same thugs, at least they voted them in. The decision was not made by animals with AK-47’s. I know they are protesting the yahoo who was going to burn the koran, but hey, that is what freedom is all about. The right to voice your opinion free of fear. We have given them the means to create  self governance. Now they have to grab on and hold tight.

After the Constitutional Convention had finished it’s work in 1787, a woman asked Ben Franklin what kind of government had been decided upon. He replied “A republic, if you can keep it.”

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