Michael who?

Michael Moore weighs in on the Ground Zero mosque, and the (obvious by looking at him) effects McDonalds has on health.

Look Jabba, You are irrelevant, okay? You are a punchline to a bad joke know as the 2000/2004 elections. The fact that I associate you more with the Michael Malone character in American Carol should tell you how much I care what comes out of that sewer hole in the middle of your empty head.

I do not care about Deepak Chopra, your rantings about FDR, your misinformation about Timothy McVeigh (he was not a practicing Catholic, fathead) as for your statement about fascists whipping up the masses during economic turmoil, well you would know best about that. The left is the closest thing we have is America to mainline fascism. Despite all the attempts by the left to connect conservatism to fascism, it has always been a left wing, big government, complete control, socialist movement. And the election of boy Barry (and his big government spending sprees, takeovers and increased welfare systems) shows just how accurate that is.

I also do not care if you think the imam in charge of this insult is the nicest guy in the world. I don’t care if you think he is the greatest thing since the Big Mac! (Had to throw that McD reference in there, to keep Shamu’s attention) this is not a community center. It is a mosque. You can call it whatever you want. You can make the building as modern as can be. You can put all the smiling faces you can find, but it is a mosque. If you are so all fired up about building it, then build it somewhere else. It is a little too much like the mosques Muslims build whenever they conquer an area. As a sign of control. A monument to their power.

Ask yourself a question Mikey. If this is “just” the Muslim version of the YMCA, could I pray there? If I want a Catholic mass held there, can I? Will there be any organized prayers held here? If so, of what denomination? Could I, someday, if I have a grandchild, have it baptized in my families faith? Or will these people have the right to restrict what happens there, since it will be private property? If that is the case, then ask yourself, how much of a community center is it?

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