On the local front…

As many of you may (or may not) have guessed, I believe in many of the same things as the majority of the folks out there who call themselves members of the Tea Party group. One of the great appeals to this group is the fact that it is a true grass roots organization. No rigid hierarchy, no central figure drawing fire (and funds) from the group at large, no “central office” telling me what I can or cannot say. For better or worse, I can literally be a 1 man Tea Party. I choose my own candidates to support. I may get some info from the group, but my choices are my own.

But of course, that much fine food for thought is bound to draw out pests looking to steal some for themselves. And if there is one thing we know about in Florida, it is pests. It seems a group of about 40, by best count, have decided to elect themselves the “voice” of the “official”  Tea Party political party. The entire story can be found here. To hideously mangle a movie quote “The Tea Party has no King. The Tea Party needs no King” ( my apologies Professor Tolkien and Peter Jackson.)

My main problem with an official party is this; You are providing, in your greed to be in charge, the very thing we as a group have been denied. A leader. Nancy Pelosi has been quoted as calling the Tea Party an astroturf organization. It has been described as the shill for powerful business. I do not believe any of it, but the minute you folks try and make this into an organized party (with yourselves at the head, of course) you will make all the statements come true. Big business will begin to sway your opinion. Deals will be made, money will change hands, and you will issue marching orders as to who to vote for. If I wanted to be a Democrat, I would have joined them!

Glenn Beck has been called the leader of this group. I myself do not see him as such. I do not read his writings about the Tea Party party per say ( I do own Common Sense and an Inconvenient Book), I do not listen to his show (conflict of schedule, not a personal issue) so I have little knowledge of his opinion on all this. Nor is that important to me. My opinions are my own. Mr. Beck has made himself the lightning rod for the group, but that is all. He may have helped coin the phrase, and get people to start discussing things, but that is as far as he goes in my book. I do not need his advice, more than any other, to make an informed, rational decision. This does not mean I dislike hearing him (I have listened since the days he broadcast from Tampa) it just means he is a member of our group. No more, no less.

So. There you have it. A small group has decided we common folk of the Tea Party need a voice to guide us out of the wilderness. We cannot make these tough candidate decisions on our own, we need a party to tell us who to vote for. Isn’t that what the Tea Party group is all about at it’s core? A group of people who were tired of the same old parties telling us the same old stories, while they continue to use us as tools to get to the seats of power? You can be a Republican or Democrat, Libertarian or Independent. You can be none of these, and march with us. We need no party to tell us who our “official” candidates our. I will continue to vote as I wish, thank you. I need no king to tell me what politician is approved by the insiders. Go on, go form your own party if you so wish, but leave our little club alone. NO PARTIES ALLOWED!

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