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Can you come be my Sheriff , Joe?

May 1, 2009

I like this guy. Anybody that has the brass ones to slap down the poverty pimp Al Sharpton is okay in my book.

As way of a little background, this from Snopes

Seems Rev. Al needs some media attention, so he planned on a protest in Maricopa County, AZ. IF that sound familiar, you may remember it as the jurisdiction of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the “Toughest Sheriff in America” Who used chain gangs, made the prisoners wear pink underwear, and had them sleep in a barbed wire surrounded tent city. As Sheriff Joe points out, it is no worse than what the folks in the War on Terror (sorry Napalitano, I calls it like it is) are experiencing, and they did not break the law.

Just to clear the air in where I stand on illegal immigration, let me say this: It is against the law. Period. No whining, or sympathetic pleas, or La Raza claims, or anchor babies, or street marches will get me to agree that letting millions of illegals into this country and allowing them to tap into American resources is right, good or fair. Sorry, but we have a certain way of life because many in this country have worked hard to make it happen. Showing up now and attempting to take advantage of it is out of the question.

You want to live in America? You play by rules, apply through channels, and wait your turn. Sneaking across a border does not make you automatically eligible for food, medical and housing. As for those politicians that want open borders, buy your votes on your own dime. I want no part of it. You are illegal. You cannot claim your rights, if you are not a citizen. Go home, and change your own country. That is how it is done.

I sometimes hear the claim that Mexico has rights to the entire Southwest of the US, and they should get it back. My thought is “Fine, you get it back, just the way the US got it” No infrastructure, no buildings, no water, sewer or power lines. Empty desert. Any fields plowed under. Returned to it s natural state. What are you gonna do then, escape into the midwest?

To sum it up. I have no sympathy for the plight of those to the south. Fix your problems at home. Don’t bring them here.


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