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Congrats Christine O’Donnell

September 15, 2010

Now, go win the election, and get to work. You have been given a rare chance. Don’t waste it. An remember, you work for Delaware, not for pundits. Of course, you do not seem to have a problem recognizing who you work for. Sorry Carl, I have to disagree with you…you sound like an elitist. An insider. You seem to think unless we vote for the the Republican establishment, we are fools.


This just in…

September 13, 2010

Apparently the IG of the DOJ has decided to look into Barry and the boys selective prosecution of Civil Rights cases by the Voting Rights office.

The always on the ball Michelle Malkin got her hands on a copy of the letter. Link to her breaking story here.

Best of luck to IG Glenn Fine. You can bet immense pressure will be brought to bear on you to “just forget this.” I hope you are up to the task of exposing this rats nest. Keep us up to date via Michelle M.

I’ll get you little conservatives!

September 13, 2010

This is pure gold. This guy is not only taking on San Fran Nan, but he is doing it by making fun of her. If there was ever a wicked witch of Congress… Good luck John, I wish I could vote for you myself. This is one of the better political ads I have seen in a long time.

Snicker, snicker…gonna watch it again…

Christie rides again!

September 10, 2010

Roger Kimball at Pajama Media covers my favorite for prez in 2012, and his ongoing fight with the NJ teachers and their union. Big man wins this one, in my opinion. Text of Rogers article below. Video follows.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie does it again. I almost felt sorry (almost) for Marie Corfield, an elementary school  teacher who stood up at a question-and-answer session with the governor and demanded to know how his reforms would help teachers since his budget cuts had resulted in so many lay-offs among the selfless pedagogues that populate New Jersey’s public schools. “We have some of the best schools in the country,” quoth la Corfield, “and you have done nothing but lambaste us.”

Pardon us while we dab away the tears.

When the Governor began to respond, Ms. Corfield rolled her eyes and acted like one of her pupils taunting a classmate. That was when Gov. Christie delivered one of his classic put-downs. “If you want to put on a show then just sit down. But if you want to have a respectful discussion then let me answer your question.”

Yikes. That alone was worth the price of admission but what followed is  script that anyone who cares about the tsunami of public debt that is poised to wash over America should hearken to carefully.  Christie didn’t “lambaste” teachers, he said, he lambasted the teacher’s union, especially its leaders.  Why were so many teachers laid off in New Jersey?  Because when the Governor called upon teachers to take  one-year pay freeze and contribute 1.5% — one-and a half percent! — of their salaries to the cost of their health care (full-family medical, dental, and vision coverage, by the way), the union leaders said “No way. Not a penny.”  Result: nearly a billion-dollar shortfall in the budget, which necessitated scads of lay offs. (Had Gov. Christie’s proposal been accepted, the state would have saved more than $700,000,000.)  “So who’s really to blame?” he asked: the Governor or the intransigent teachers unions?

“We have to get realistic about telling people the truth,” Christie said, a sentiment that is gaining currency all across the country — not, of course, among the political class that actually governs us: no, Christie is a rare exception in that cohort, but among the vast majority of ordinary American that imperative is more and more the order of the day.

Here’s the clip. Do watch to the end.  The Governor’s response when Ms Corfield comes back to complain about his “tone” is not to be missed. (Remember when a union official sent around an email suggesting people pray for the Governor’s death?)

Pure genius

September 4, 2010

As usual, that satire genius among bloggers, Iowahawk, has done it again:

Barak, can we talk?


September 4, 2010

Well, seems like boy Barry and his decorating squad blew it.

Now, we all misquote, misspeak (even a guy who relies on TOTUS to get it right) but when you plan on immortalizing words in that oh so finicky of mediums (a rug) you might want to get it right. Seems a quote attributed to Dr. King, and woven for all time in deep pile, is incorrect.

The quote, “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice” shares the august company of quotes from Theodore Roosevelt, Lincoln, FDR and JFK. While it is a good quote, it was actually first spoken by Theodore Parker. Now again, we all make mistakes, but most of us do not immortalize them in 90% wool for all posterity to walk on.

Oh well, probably best if they just attribute all the quotes in the rug to Dear Leader when it is redone. Makes it easier that way. Then all that will have to be done is incorporating these small changes in the public school system.

By the way, in case the powers that be lack ideas for those changes needed in the Oval Office, Al S. at I Hope Barack Fails has a few ideas how to truly bring this presidential office in line with it’s current (one term) inhabitant. Heck, if boy Barry did this, I might even chip in  $20. Whatever it takes to change the Change in 2012.

A lady you should get to know…

September 3, 2010

Allow me to introduce some of you to FL state representative Jennifer Carroll. A fiscal conservative, NRA member, Navy maverick who also has run her own business and raised a family. And hopefully the next Lt. Governor of the great state of Florida! Heck, Mrs. Carroll, would you mind if we make you president soon? Say, 2012-ish ?You certainly have the experience and skills boy Barry is lacking! I can finally get interested in the FL governors race. I know, I know, she is up for Lt. Gov. but it still gets me hoping we can pull this state out of the hole it is sliding into after we elected old Chucky Crist.

They seem like a good team, and I hope they give us the leadership we need in the dark days ahead. We are going to need it to pull through  the increased mess brought  to us by the letters Barry, Nan and Harry. I have faith it is not too late for the nation.

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